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About Katharine



Type II diabetes reversal

Lowering blood pressure & cholesterol

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

GERD/Acid Reflux

Intuitive Eating

My Story


Growing up in Key West, Florida, I was a rotund little girl who didn't know it. Boy did I realized just how plump I was when I entered elementary school in Vermont and was nicknamed 'Blubber' (thanks Zac & Lucas!)

My weight has been a constant struggle -- and even today, when I practice what I preach, I still have to do everything I ask my clients to do. 

Medications and fad diets do NOT have to be a way of life. It's much more empowering when you eat in a way where you become much so that you no longer crave those 'bad' foods.

I don't believe there ARE any 'bad' foods, by the way...

A fresh approach, catered to YOUR way of life...and your likes and dislikes.


What could be easier!?

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