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Your Customized Program

Program Breakdowns ~

* Your 21-Day Purification- starts regularly in an individual and group format. We are all exposed to daily toxins in the air and in our foods - even if we think we're healthy, it's good to clean house now and then! This is not a fast, which can be harsh on your body -- this is a whole-food derived supplementation program. We omit certain foods from our daily intake for 21-days. The results leave you feeling refreshed, energetic and amazing, all the while sporting a brand new glow that people can see! These results are meant to be incorporated into your lifestyle - something you work on through weekly guidance sessions. You'll get the products, recipes and daily answers to any questions you may have in this program. It really is like a 'reset' button for your metabolism!


* Your 12 or 24-week program starts with you! The following is included in your program!

         Two, forty-five minute sessions per month

         Interactive group sessions covering a variety of topics

         Nutrition label break downs and personal submissions and support

         E-mail support between sessions

         Books recommendations, handouts and other materials

         Recipe demos and periodic newsletter


* Your Maintenance Program

Once we get you started in the direction you want to go, sometimes it's nice to check back in. Maintenance programs are based around you, your progress and your remaining goals. Most clients like to check in at least once a month.


* Your Corporate Wellness Program

How many days of work do your employees take off when they're sick? How much are their insurance policies costing you if they have pre-existing conditions? Couldn't some of this be prevented? With the right tools and helpful motivation tips, your employees will learn to embrace a healthier lifestyle with ease. There's no struggle to get healthier if it's introduced in the right fashion, and in a supportive environment. We conduct weekly sessions to get clients engaged - through samples, recipes, cooking classes and a fun, educational environment that they can make their own!!


* Your Make-Over Program

Ever feel as though you could do with a change? We offer an all-encompassing make over program to get you feeling like the best you! The program includes sessions with my contributing partners including personal training, nutrition, a wardrobe make-over, a new hair style, make up lessons and dating coaching (optional). There's never been a better time to dive in and shake things up! You never know just who you may find!


Side effects of these programs include ~


* Increased Energy

* Weight Loss

* Mental Clarity                                

* Increased Metabolism

* Clearer Skin                                  

* Improved Digestion

* Less Bloating                                

* Shinier Hair

* Better Eating Habits                    

* Decreased Cravings

* Better Quality Sleep                     

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